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Webmaster friend no traffic your website can make money

many webmasters think. The website wants to make money, begin with flow first. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, site to make money, not from the flow began. It starts with the brand.

personal Adsense is very good at pulling traffic way, nothing more than QQ ad bulk. Forum posts, smashing money, these means, but it can play a role, but the need to invest a lot of manpower and financial resources.

add a few Adsense QQ group, every day, most people are calling who what procedures, this station program who can get, who has free space, the theme of the acquisition of Baidu account and so on, often at this time, I was very despise these people, to be honest, I do not know ASP, do not know PHP what is, I only know that website, it should make money, make money for the station, do again good, also is white, not as good as the time saved to think of a way to make money.

that can make money to do a station, this is each make people think, I put my hundred Wubao online promotion alliance station from planning to a small achievement now, write to share

I don’t understand the language website

, previously only in the Taobao open shop, by chance, a friend said his ", what would sell well, I called a friend to help me get my own shop, the shop after doing well, found many practical problems, the vast sea, my new people is not know the most that I see, I was one of those who did not give up, everywhere looking for material, see how to let others know my shop, slowly, will understand some business website also began fur knowledge, want to engage in their own website try. Because the C2C website is not called the station, do a novel music station, station, movie station, QQ station "after the toss found that these types of station is just fun, there is no possibility of profit, but also waste a lot of time. Time to give up in preparation for the Baidu C2C network investment platform. There is a bold idea, Taobao now has been done for a long time, if Baidu C2C sellers call 500 people do a Baidu shop promotion station, 500 people joined the first permanent free promotion, the site responsible for the publicity of their goods, they are responsible in the website propaganda website, it will is a result. How do Baidu C2C has not established before the closed beta, I several Baidu HI group, called beta businesses, there are like-minded businesses on the left, there is no intention, we do not insist, just a few days, willing to join The number has reached more than 1000 people, after screening, the 500 permanent free membership, hundreds of others give them free VIP membership for one year, in combination with you all kinds of advice, finally became engaged now 100 Wubao online promotion alliance (, network station and Baidu has ah beta at the same time on the line. The 500 permanent members of our free plus hundreds of free VIP membership have shops in Baidu.

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