Month: July 2017

nvestment is what to do in fish pot

in fish pot when we think of the city because of the brand black pot, unique taste, delicious and pure natural, so give consumers a deep impression, then the brand how? Look at the following Xiaobian to introduce you!

Fuzhou City Catering Management Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2006, headquartered in Fuzhou, adhering to the concept of the traditional delicacy, with modern craft technique improved Peru, more original snakehead pot city. The Qian Tang River blackfish featured pollution-free varieties, dozens of excellent tonic cooking, supplemented by home secretary boiled tofu and Wu Yue pickles, a deployment of what is to be the one "six soup, thousands of aftertaste characteristics". The city recorded with Wu Yue alone and with hearty whisper tenderness, delicacy in the catering market become an independent school. read more

After the storm see the rainbow AP site was K

on the afternoon of June 3rd, the impulse to write an article on the API see: "Taobao API website summary" night, Baidu big killer, a guest Starving people fill the land. API site, and do not say too horrible to look at API itself, Taobao’s troubles are inconstant in policy now Baidu K station "foreign aggression", we really do feel Amoy brother station is not easy, difficult to survive. I can hold on to today’s stationmaster is good, regardless of whether the profit is admirable, after the storm, we are afraid what? read more

A summary of Baidu’s collection

general new station, Google included all normal, that is, Baidu is not smooth.

on the Internet saw a lot of analysis on Baidu, which makes a summary, I hope all of you help,

first, summarize the reasons why Baidu doesn’t include its website:

one, Baidu side,

1., Baidu anti cheating tactics to adjust the page keywords caused by too much;

2., Baidu anti link algorithm adjustment, now is not relying on guestbook, blog era, so it is not as good as before, add a little bit of links into Baidu; read more

Ebay and Google failures are too powerful

Ebay, Google and other foreign companies in China mixed gray is not new. About the reason, kiom cloud. I’ll talk about myself this time.

I see history, found that the Mongols is very powerful, very violent, the cavalry to Eastern Europe to the Middle East, he was in the east of Sinai peninsula. The Great Yuan Empire territory with no predecessors, no latecomers, the terror of nothing, you can use Baidu Search myself.

however, the power of the Yuan Dynasty lasted only less than one hundred years. By four points no crack, and its upstart psychology will not say. It was only for a few years that the Khanate of the northwest had been extinguished by the Russians for a few years before the Empire knew that it had lost a large piece of territory permanently. There is a word called " ", and beyond the reach of; there is a word called " While the grass grows the horse starves ". Some people say that a huge animal such as an elephant can react slowly and hit its butt. The impulse of the neuron goes to the brain for a few minutes. That’s natural bullshit. But it is very appropriate to describe the slowness of the Yuan government in dealing with change. His big body to make it to deal with the uprising, foreign aggression constantly on the run. read more

ndividual to do a little bit of view of doing a website

long see people always say to write text is a good way to promote the site, how long time in the past, a soft on my site did not come out today, so early in the evening off the computer, the first article, I use it well, lying in bed with my mobile phone. Is a soft, don’t take it as what technical articles to enjoy.

remember the first contact with website in 2005, had just resigned, ready to engage in partnership with students at the time of the smuggled goods mobile phone, for a fire, then did not think it will fall into it, at that time almost all day long in front of the computer, look at the price, get Taobao, pat, finally simply buy the domain name, 100M space, and then buy a mall program, made a special sale of mobile phone accessories and related websites, indescribably hard every day, constantly update the cat in front of the computer, there is little income, but slowly, on this line, do not understand the lack of capital etc. a series of problems are exposed, resulting in unable to proceed, the site does not go to the management, a little bit of the popularity of the forum as the domain name expires and the end of the first web site, so OVER The. read more

occupy the network without a single success should decide on what path to follow

I spent 4 years only to understand network fur, now graduated a year, with the personal website of the hard site into death, their own harvest, now think of only a few old server. Nothing about myself.

big 2, suddenly inexplicably infatuated with the web site, the industry, the first contact is the mobile network BBS system, find free space began to mess, but always did not make any appearance. Just play with the fun there, and later found a good site, through that site to understand the move easy, began the website career, in the friends got some space, began to do the station. read more

Peng Hongwei talk about some changes in the method of Forum promotion now

many friends have read the last two years to write "forum propaganda refinement method (last)", "forum propaganda detailed method (middle)" these two articles! This also became one of the most popular network promotion articles at that time. Also let a lot of network promotion beginners benefit greatly. The author is also one of the many benefit groups. Just last weekend, when we were together, we were talking about the forum promoting the problem. He said, for a long time no contact with the forum to promote, wrote, in the two, the second also do not know how to write, after all, a few years have not touched this promotion way. I was wondering if I could help him write the next article. After all, I’m now in touch with the job of forum promotion. Indeed, in fact he is in front of two articles have the methods and skills of promotion of the forum this very perfect, I want to write, but also do not know how to write. According to some of the current forum situation, after all, two or three years ago, the management of the forum with now great improvement, and now the management of the forum will be more perfect, so in the promotion of purpose and way will be adjusted. read more

Seven difficulties and solutions of website operation

many webmaster in every stage of the website development, will encounter different difficulties, this article from the following seven aspects of how to break through the bottleneck of the website.

1, site localization bottleneck

website construction at the beginning, often appear is positioning problem. Site positioning of the fuzzy, will force the site again and again revision, eventually lost. But at this stage, most of the webmaster, with the love of the new field, will stick to it. Especially with the research of target users and the excavation of the profit point of websites, they will gradually untie the crux of the development of the website. For example, the medical website ( should first determine who the audience is and what kind of service the visitor wants. According to these, the degree of difficulty is 10% read more

The horse Nebula network self Subversion the United States no longer empty as fans of the star ve

[introduction]2012, Ma second venture, the establishment of the nebula network. In the experience of the "beauty" of empty 6 years war ", was born 80 years long is still full of enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. "I should be all models and actors inside most people who understand the Internet, a problem I need to solve now is how to put the star entertainment and the Internet these two things combined better, and are well implemented in the nebula network products system." read more

Some practical ideas for doing web work

1., website must have practical content, to have real needs of things, you can think of now what Internet users need? If you are doing Webmaster Station, you can think about what the webmaster needs.

remember, "it’s better to be a station that is really useful than anything.".

2. makes yourself the first loyal user of your website. You do a useful website, and of course you have to use it yourself. If you don’t even want to use it, how do you make someone else use it?

doing so will allow you to consider the issue from the user’s point of view, and you’ll find out where your site is doing badly and where it needs improvement. read more

The webmaster of the war only battle of the war

anaerobic hundred guests do not know why the "master of the war, stop the title battle of the war" and write this article, just like it, a lot of people with a longing heart at the beginning of the site, hope their site can be very influential in their efforts to achieve profitability. However, most of the sites are counterproductive, site adhere to half a year or a year and died on the road, not to be aborted, the search engine is suppressed, he did not stick with it, the mentality of the webmaster frustrated, so webmaster of the war, we had to choose, is committed to winning the read more

Web design entrepreneurs

facing the current situation of web design in the ascendant, many experts point out that web design is a potential field for those who are interested in starting their own business. At the same time, people who have already started work should also pay attention to the importance of web design in enterprise development.

person: do poineering work in the home

web design spark has ignited, in its become a prairie fire in the process, attracted amateur designers keen interest. And the characteristics of web design itself, but also for entrepreneurs to provide a world of skills. read more

Talk about how to do a good buy navigation site let P easily over 50 thousand

with the introduction of the GroupOn model, buy site time fiery half of the sky. Then, we gradually found how to quickly get all the group buying information becomes a necessity, buy navigation website appears.

because it is buy navigation is an emerging industry, gave you the opportunity to run on the same gas line. How to seize this opportunity is worth a careful analysis of the opportunity, at first only personal webmaster to find and seize this opportunity quickly Alexa website ranking into the top 100 thousand in the world, do well in the top 10 thousand. Then the major portal 163, 360, soso, hao123 etc. and also try to quickly follow up. read more

Since you sell apples sell pears and think about ways to do a good job on local portals

at the end of last century is the portal of the world, then basically is by the NetEase, Sohu and Sina dominated the domestic Internet, then was also unknown, with the rapid increase of QQ users, by the beginning of the twenty-first Century portal experienced a re shuffle painful, like NetEase now turned to the game as the main profit point of the portal site, but with the development of blog, the development of SNS, now the network began to local portal as the center, for the local people to provide quality services for the main purpose of the local portal website ushered in the great development, so many people began to join the local portal competition! read more

Some experience of operating websites

doesn’t have much to do today. Sit down and talk about some of your website experiences. Everyone looked, hope more advice. Operation website, always is to look at own website, how can have good flow, search engine include how much, the website is normal, etc., all is our main concern. I think the website operation is the most difficult and most important! This is our website these people’s responsibility and obligation, is our source of income is! Website operators make good word is very good, a monthly income of million, I envy, I also want to reach that state; if not a lot of people is living. read more

Teach you to see Baidu spider crawling detection code meaning

first you have to look at the server IIS log and see why it was K station.

specific method of operation Notepad to open the contents of the IIS log, and then use ctrl+F to find Baidu, if you find Baiduspider, it shows that Baidu spider crawled,

, on the contrary, no.. Baidu spider usually work very hard in the morning. The following is the meaning of Baidu spider crawling detection code. Want to help you webmaster friends.

2XX success

200 normal; request completed.

201 normal; immediately following the POST command. read more

The owners of the original road rapae recommend three kinds of original writing

following a "blind Master of my caterpillar", today again to share even under the "original" road, hope the thesis can exchange their original writing and bugs. I’ve tried many original versions recommended by my friends before, but they don’t fit me, for example:

1: translation method: this method is very fast, to find the original text (English), through the translation software switching instant can be written, but the translation of the result is very bad, simply failed to learn, and then give up. read more

Novice webmaster site 100 days of ups and downs

From January

to contact the site today, Qiazhiyisuan, there have been 100 days of the time, recalled the past one hundred days, Guangzhou barter network from scratch, the number of members from less to more, from now to the popularity of No one shows any interest in doors as the city is, heart is a comforting feeling. Looking back on these 100 days, their groping in the depression, in doubt in front of, in disdain efforts, in the affirmative smile, really have a bitter, hot, sweet and sour, together with the feeling between the heart. Next, I will carefully come to my 100 days of the bitter, sweet and sour taste. read more

My experience of standing and the direction of Bruce Lee’s thinking about website operation

one, my station experience

has been in touch with computers for almost twelve years, and although nothing has been done, the computer is one of the two hobbies I have kept since I was a child. The first page now has seven years, was in a bar when the network management, with the East "the king made several pages to the Internet server installed a PWS and then went to another bar to test, when the input of Internet cafes IP when I do the page, the mood is no more than excited ah, really is the first feeling ^_^. Unfortunately I do not long, tasted after not studied, a place that is for several years, the golden age of the Internet just missed. Resumed on the website of the enthusiasm is 06 at the end of the year, when the CMS has been very mature, using DZ to do a PHP forum, mainly to learn PHP technology, at that time did not understand the website operation and so on, that do is rely on technology, to make it a success, the acquisition of thousands of message to myself. Now do stand is purely interest, not too many hopes and illusions, when others in the webmaster site write analysis website how to profit, I will mention the short one day earn $more than 100 days. read more