Month: August 2017

WeChat mobile end micro blog’s five speech

with the intelligent mobile phone system is more and more high, apple and Android over apple, millet mobile phone Yan, mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone, love Shanghai 360 Samsung mobile phone, mobile phone and other mobile phone NOKIA launched more convenient intelligent mobile phone, the mobile terminal micro-blog active high has become a consensus, mobile phone entertainment micro-blog, communication tools, and after training at PC, not a lot of time playing micro-blog is already old almanac, and the mobile terminal in the intelligent mobile phone is even more eye-catching, standing, sitting, running is in the open on micro-blog, micro-blog, the number of meetings to see a lot of people in the bow that thought is meditation, not knowing is in micro-blog; before the meal, have to do is look at micro-blog share, these have become accustomed to, regardless of whether there is a substitute for WeChat, micro The letter is one to one, one to many communication, and micro-blog has a difference, it is this difference so for mobile end users of micro-blog WeChat and WeChat is very active, special emphasis is meaningless. read more

The site of the internal links construction method know

directory structure

then followed in the structure to the website, the website before 2000, column structure chaos will occur, the user is not convenient, the search engine for all kinds of web crawling crawling is also very convenient, then there is not a unified, and later appeared in a breadcrumb navigation directory structure, which is now called 3 the directory structure, home column page content page, simple and clear, and is now all kinds of production site personnel to accept, formed the main column structure, this structure is not only conducive to the user. read more

From Valentine’s day on you in the search engine’s position

Chasing girls and >

Shanghai dragon and chasing girls have in common is the. We can go to such a metaphor: you anna girls compared to the search engine, and the pursuit of the girls boys are your competitors, improve your heart in the girl’s position by what method can you? How to get better ranking

you are attractive to the search engine

want to go after the girl, not from the understanding of the girl to start, want to study Shanghai dragon, understand the search engine is essential, you can only understand it, then go to according to this research, thinking about how to do, how to do better. As the saying goes: modaobuwukanchaigong. Know her, you can find the corresponding method. Can betargeted. Do less useless or even futile. read more

Boehner and CAA set up overseas funds or into Chinese capital to participate in Hollywood’s new road

In an interview with

but with six investment in the film gradually conservative, prefer to invest like "Transformers" "yellow" and "mission impossible" and other similar box office guarantee sequel or series, resulting in a lot of independent director and producer of the project is very difficult to find investors.

announced two big news at the Cannes Film Festival this year. One is announced to invest 80 million dollars to buy "Midway Islands" in addition to all global interests outside the United states. Directed by Hollywood director Roland · and directed by Emmerich, the film is the first time the Chinese company has gained control of the project in its participation in an outside film. read more

Love the city Shanghai tourism has released the first keyword

on the first Chinese global search engines love Shanghai, has long been because of their own products to occupy the top of the search results for the majority of workers criticized Shanghai longfeng. Just a few days ago, love Shanghai travel channel on the line, I find amazing, just find a few big city search results tested, Shanghai love all actually topped the travel channel. Such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other domestic city level and above (as long as the love of Shanghai tourism has a sub station of the city). This is clearly not in line with the user search habits. A search area does not necessarily travel. read more

How to use video web site keywords of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

video can be added to the site keywords or web site, such as the Sohu video, there is usually a mark in the upper left corner of the video, the video Sohu has become a brand, how to choose keywords? Of course is to choose the key words to love Shanghai to your site, such as actcms and Hefei website the construction of these two words, what is good? According to the website marketing point of view, must be brought to Hefei construction site traffic conversion rate is high, but I put the word Hefei website do video, we love Shanghai will not find the official website actcms, actcms this time the key is clearly more suitable for Shanghai the dragon, actcms has become the equivalent of Sohu class brand keywords. This is the brand effect, the key also on behalf of my company’s corporate image, select the keywords must be accurate, must comply with the site development characteristics. read more

Do significant search four cognitive website optimization effect

basically, despite the user experience not to talk, the search engine ranking website optimization based on the purpose is to let the search engine deeper and more thorough understanding of the target web site to find quality content and explore the potential value of the site itself. As the focus of website construction production or website optimization, search engine based on in-depth understanding of the work mode and weight assignment algorithm, only targeted search engine to show good side, and get the approval of the search led can. Since Needless to say, the content and links to certain became the first priority to the search engine, but the success of website optimization seems to be enough. Because we often see some website content is very rich, but the snapshot and included the amount of performance is also quite good, but the ranking is not ideal. read more

Forget it learning Shanghai dragon also need to learn a record

in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge and technology, simple things, you will be able to grasp the general look down, and want to improve this technology, not only need to master the basic knowledge, but also need to continue to enhance. In the novice to learn this knowledge, personally think that must be ready to record, no matter what their encounter problems, or have what idea to record it, then ask the teacher or peers, such as the method of setting the robots common in Shanghai Longfeng, others explain, feel very simple, a short period of time to remember it, but when we really want to use, and do not know how to start, assuming no good notes, we have to go online to check the information, and now the popular pseudo original method, some methods we see not be able to become a reality, or even difficult to imagine the consequences of read more

Analysis of national website city station of the Shanghai Dragon

also, because it is a national website, so it must have its own name, such as a national decoration industry website called cool network, where the "cool" is the name of the site. Have a unified name, is a natural part of the brand strategy, but the problem is that it increases the difficulty to the site of the title set. For example, if only one of the city’s decoration site, it can be called the Shijiazhuang Dalian decoration decoration net net, called, but if the city station, then its title certainly needs to include "these three words might", so the decoration of Dalian network, Shijiazhuang decoration network becomes Dalian cool network and the Shijiazhuang outfit. If the decoration owners for the outfit of high awareness, this nature is good, but if it is early for Shanghai dragon optimization, which is not so advantageous. In other words, the city substation in title because of the need to contain specific keywords, corresponding also affected the weight of other keywords, this is what they do when the innatedisadvantage of Shanghai dragon. read more

A focus on precision marketing we have ignored is combined with their own website content

and I saw some sites even in order to attract some traffic does not cut the relevance of your site, such as selling watches mall site, can even do some popular words with a website is not related, such as the watch is God Fang Yuan you can see. If you put the Yuan Fang, how do you see this hot words do go up, come to your site, you want it to keep the user? First we should understand that your content is around the table where God does not explain, what do you think of yuan fang. This watch is only search for God’s talent is your real target customers, your content is to solve this problem, so that it meets the intended. read more

Four analysis of Shanghai dragon to learn

website optimization cannot do without the long tail keywords, long tail keywords ranking not only can bring considerable traffic to the site, but also can provide strong evidence for the web site problems we found. For example, you have a lot of sites included, but through the article page to flow is not a lot, so this time the basic problem is clear, cause the structure to nine out of ten is the site of the article page structure, especially, because the number included in a certain extent that your overall weight is good, so the next focus is to modify the internal page structure. read more

Analysis of love Shanghai appeared in the relevant search intent second page

this is the small series that the love of Shanghai to place some second to search for, so we can make some small adjustments, can better grasp the relevant search words, such as "the Beijing salon remove acne" are related to the search term "beauty salons to squeeze acne" this word the degree of competition is much smaller, so it can be used, because after revision, there will be more traffic to these related search terms, so we can further optimize these related search terms, this could be love Shanghai after a new trend of competition. Source: read more

Analysis of the article contains information related to included love Shanghai

: recent studio website content included is very suck, the content is one hundred percent of the original words in 1000 words or more, is not the love of the article included Shanghai. By viewing the web log, the article also has some articles or crawl, and grab two times, love is not included in Shanghai. In different periods of time, release the number of different articles and try to do is not to see the effect. The heart is wondering.

contains information related to love Shanghai included

when you in the afternoon and again refresh the webmaster tools included 2 articles found today. Click to enter is released in the morning two love Shanghai products included. The following figure: read more

Beijing new network contract fraud Gang spend money to enhance the search rankings

Beijing police briefing on the

in the unified deployment of the Ministry of public security and the assistance of the Xiamen police, August 26th, Beijing police uncovered 3 suspected fraud criminal gangs in Haicang District of Xiamen City, arrested 11 suspects.

2, since this year, a combination of traditional contract scams and Internet technology and the new network contract fraud cases appeared in the domestic part of the city, criminal gangs use the Internet search engine PPC function, click purchase rate of the promotion of false advertising to attract victims. At present, Beijing police have uncovered 3 similar criminal gangs. read more

Enterprise environment chain missing station Shanghai dragon how to win

1, find creative content sources

A. jumped out of the mindset, transformation of the contents of writing can be comparative analysis of industry, is the story of the content, can be more in-depth knowledge of the industry, can

content, is the core enterprise station ice, how to do the


love Shanghai Webmaster Platform LEE in 4.25, after the publication of the "Lee" on the chain to judge, can be described as a ripple, not only in the webmaster circle raged in the circle of website is nothing more than so, because along with the official announcement, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprise site is down right. As we all know, a small business station is more important, but it is not really so much to do with the content optimization of friends, mainly rely on the chain, and the chain of love Shanghai judge announced that the chain of 60%-80% is a waste of the chain, can imagine the garbage outside the chain of negative impact on the site. But for some of the more successful WEB2.0 site in order to eliminate the effect of this algorithm to update the chain, certainly will continue in accordance with the requirements of Shanghai love to strict sitelinks are derived, such as the most noteworthy is the A5 forum signature links to cancel, believe I rely too much on the A5 forum outside the chain of sites will be affected. read more

360 comprehensive search user experience to decide the future success

Compared to the

Internet products in the user experience is at the top level, that is to say who caught the user, said there is a market. 360 comprehensive search using only two domain names, even in the absence of any publicity in the case easily when the second, as the entrance of Internet users, the browser’s importance is self-evident. It is also in the web browser Sogou search traffic why has been tepid, because between it and the Qihoo’s market share great disparity. However, control of the browser, the search engine will be able to occupy the market? The answer is. read more

see the original content about the practice of love released in Shanghai

second, love Shanghai mentioned in the article, the implementation of the "original Spark Program", against the acquisition pseudo original is not a short duration of time can do, it may take a year, two years or even longer time to make high quality original articles with the internet. Regardless of our original spark program takes a long time to be built, but the love Shanghai company published an article and love Shanghai’s determination to see, we have to love the hustle of Shanghai wins, we have to admit that love was leading the healthy development of the internet. The article said the love of Shanghai "origin" algorithm has been quite as > read more

How to make the website optimization website included more stable

as a good website optimization, we need to do is to ensure that your site every day have included the amount of stable and reliable, because the site only stable timely included, will have good rankings and weight. But to make the web site become stable, every search engine has included, but not so easy to do. Many do network optimization will notice, his love of Shanghai is Google included snapshot or not always so rule, but is so backward, always so slow lane. Check their own included, but still stay in a few days before the money, confused depressed, how to do in order to make the collection of your own web site is more stable and reliable. read more

On the eight Sina Home Furnishing combination of love Shanghai search marketing tricks on

love map of Shanghai is a strong function of the search service, covering more than domestic city streets, shopping malls, can be arbitrary query and building location. For example: in the bridal chamber of the map classification, selection of bolt limited conditions including property types, market sale price and sales status, conditions selected, the search results directly show the position on the map, at the same time, covering the pictures of real price details. This not only use of promotion and function is strong, can greatly improve the Sina Locke brand favorability. read more

On my understanding of micro blog enterprise marketing

to our marketing company as an example, with the help of micro-blog marketing can publish news, product information related to our industry, as shown in figure.

to search engine marketing and marketing forum are commonly used in several ways of marketing, while micro-blog marketing is just launched a popular network marketing mode, with micro-blog’s hot, which gave birth to the relevant marketing, marketing is micro-blog. It is the use of micro-blog this platform for brand promotion activities, including planning, personal image packaging, product promotion and so on a series of marketing activities. Speaking of micro-blog marketing, most reminiscent of the first person should be the president of Tsingtao Brewery global marketing Xu Yan, her Sina micro-blog called "Yan Xu tsingtao". 2010 – Tsingtao Brewery’s biggest star sports CCTV NBA dancer passion cheerleading tryouts, Yan Xu began to online through micro-blog released thousands of micro-blog also passed game scene photos, of which more than 90% on-site and Tsingtao related activities and games and quiz, even write something else involved in the quiz, she also when Tsingtao Brewery will come up with prizes. By means of several more, that she was a lot of fans attention, and we are very willing to interact with her. read more