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Xining accounted for 46 8% of the province’s total economy

Reporters learned from the Municipal Bureau of statistics, by the end of 2015, the city’s total economic output accounted for 46.8% of the province, the growth rate of the province’s major economic indicators higher than the province’s five! At the moment, reading these figures, we feel they are so warm, so warm, so charming, in 2015, facing the running environment of China’s downtown pressure on the economy increase, the municipal government to actively deal with, as the initiative. A group of digital coagulation of the municipal government and the city’s cadres and the masses of hard work and sweat.

2015 the city with the actual conscientiously implement the central provincial Party committee, the decision to deploy, and formulated to expand effective investment, stable economic growth policies and measures, the good situation of the city’s economic development has smooth operation, stable quality and the. From the main indicators of development in the province: GDP, local public budget revenue accounted for 46.8% of the province, 35.5%, an increase of 0.5 percentage points and 2.2 percentage points; fixed asset investment, total retail sales of social consumer goods accounted for 39.7% of the province, 66.9%, down 0.8 percentage points year-on-year respectively, 0.5 percent; urban and rural residents per capita disposable income of 690 yuan, 932 yuan higher than the province. From the growth perspective: GDP, above scale industrial added value, total retail sales of consumer goods, the local public budget income and urban residents per capita disposable income growth rate higher than the five indicators of the province, more than 2.7 percentage points, 5.1 percentage points and 0.3 percentage points, 6.9 percentage points and 0.2 percentage points respectively.  

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