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Third batch of 251 young cadres arrived in Xining

yesterday morning, the third batch of 251 young cadres arrived in Xining. Central off group leader, Deputy Minister of human resources and social security letter arrived at the same machine. Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin, Provincial Standing Committee, Minister of organization of the airport to meet the Minister of Hu Changsheng.

The third batch of

aid youth cadres selected work in the basic second batch of counterpart relations, to further expand the scale of aid sent party selected, adjust the structure and the number of young cadres sent aid to specific positions, increase send aid youth professional and technical personnel, increased focus on selected doctors and teachers. Through communication with the support of our province, and actively seek the support of central lead department in April this year, the Central Organization Department, human resources and social security department issued the third batch of selected plan, clear aid youth cadres for 251, than the second batch of 182 increase 69, among them, 157 party and government cadres, the management personnel of enterprises 29 people, 65 professional and technical personnel. The management of the provincial cadres working in our province completed in late July, and recipient state and provincial units according to the cadre management authority to arrange aid youth cadres post. read more

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Remediation black car hundred days special action started

to promote the city’s slow blocking Paul Chang work and carry out the maintenance of urban passenger transport market, safe and orderly stability, protect the legitimate operators and the majority of the legitimate rights and interests of passengers, effectively curb illegal behavior in the passenger business, from April 10th onwards, the city transportation, urban management, traffic police and other departments will jointly carry out combat illegal passenger vehicles of the hundred days special action. This is the reporter from the city yunguanchu learned.
three black car drop causes the volume of complaints and the investigation said the car was decreased significantly. The yunguanchu relevant responsible person said, is mainly caused by three reasons. The first is the taxi price adjustment, the taxi quickly adapted to the needs of the market and passengers, empty car rates and increase the rate of travel, the convenience of the public really need a taxi trip. The second is with a variety of media, the public harm to recognize the existence of the black car, most people will choose a higher safety of taxi. The three is from the beginning of last year, the Department has stepped up efforts to combat the black car, many times to carry out special rectification actions, for illegal trading behavior to hide.
five heavy fines illegal trading behavior of
it is reported that the regulation contents of the hundred days special action is engaged in illegal rental passenger, passenger travel, five class line of passenger behavior. Remediation covers four districts and counties in three districts. Key areas for the bus station, train station, airport, hotels, hospitals, markets, residential areas, urban and urban main traffic arteries, tourist attractions and other illegal operation of vehicles and road gathering point. All engaged in illegal passenger business vehicles were seized, the relevant departments will be fined according to relevant laws and regulations. In addition, the general public can also actively participate in the fight against illegal operations, and call 24 hours to report the phone 0971-12328, 6316110 complaints. read more

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Xining accounted for 46 8% of the province’s total economy

Reporters learned from the Municipal Bureau of statistics, by the end of 2015, the city’s total economic output accounted for 46.8% of the province, the growth rate of the province’s major economic indicators higher than the province’s five! At the moment, reading these figures, we feel they are so warm, so warm, so charming, in 2015, facing the running environment of China’s downtown pressure on the economy increase, the municipal government to actively deal with, as the initiative. A group of digital coagulation of the municipal government and the city’s cadres and the masses of hard work and sweat.

2015 the city with the actual conscientiously implement the central provincial Party committee, the decision to deploy, and formulated to expand effective investment, stable economic growth policies and measures, the good situation of the city’s economic development has smooth operation, stable quality and the. From the main indicators of development in the province: GDP, local public budget revenue accounted for 46.8% of the province, 35.5%, an increase of 0.5 percentage points and 2.2 percentage points; fixed asset investment, total retail sales of social consumer goods accounted for 39.7% of the province, 66.9%, down 0.8 percentage points year-on-year respectively, 0.5 percent; urban and rural residents per capita disposable income of 690 yuan, 932 yuan higher than the province. From the growth perspective: GDP, above scale industrial added value, total retail sales of consumer goods, the local public budget income and urban residents per capita disposable income growth rate higher than the five indicators of the province, more than 2.7 percentage points, 5.1 percentage points and 0.3 percentage points, 6.9 percentage points and 0.2 percentage points respectively.   read more

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Qinghai nternational Tourism Expo

Recently, the Provincial Tourism Bureau organized the tourism enterprises to participate in the "travel trade · open cooperation – boosting the Silk Road Economic Belt revitalization" as the theme of the second Sichuan international tourism trade fair.

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The east area of iron pollution dare kenyinggutou

in 2013, Chengdong District conscientiously implement the municipal government, municipal inspection teams with leadership, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the City Office of the atmosphere atmosphere pollution remediation work spirit, related decisions and requirements, combined with the area of the construction site, demolition site number the poor population, mobile population, road sweeping and cleaning area, sanitation infrastructure is weak, according to local conditions, to take additional hardware and improve the software, focus on remediation, long-term management measures and dare kenyinggutou an iron fist, key breakthrough, contiguous remediation of environmental pollution in the region exist, bite down a piece of air pollution in the region to hoe, air pollution remediation work has achieved remarkable results, People applauded the masses. To achieve full coverage of construction site dust pollution from carrying out the comprehensive management of air pollution since the area in the construction site dust pollution on the work front, strengthen inspection and supervision mechanism, adhere to the daily inspection; the construction site dust control inform system, control the construction site dust pollution from the source; refine standards, strict implementation the construction site dust control measures; strict implementation of joint governance construction dust; grid management, responsibility to the people; early intervention, to do a good job in the construction site before the winter lay off dust pollution control and safety management…… Through the implementation of the above measures, the area in accordance with the "construction site dust pollution control five 100%" requirements, to the region in the construction of 73 projects, 241 monomer, 133 projects of the Ministry of construction site dust control to carry out the implementation of the special inspection and rectification, issued a total of 114 copies of the rectification notice, notices 43 copies. Site construction administrative punishment 4. Dragnet investigation and remediation for demolition site dust out to stop the demolition site dust phenomenon, the arrange to carry out investigation and remediation of the area of the demolition site. The main methods are: lawangshi built ledger aware of; notice issued dust pollution remediation measures and standards of the demolition site, requirement of hundred-percent do, re liable to heavy penalties; the jurisdiction of the 11 housing demolition site inspection and rectification review, dust prevention measures according to the requirements for not taken at the demolition site has issued rectification notice 17 copies of dust pollution serious Sanming market residential demolition site, Republican Road District Shengyuan has issued 5 copies of the rectification notice stoppage; not according to the requirements of the rectification of the demolition site, resolutely punished or check the construction site of mechanical seal. Let the dust not to form the key sections of the 3 muck transport company dust dig dug the sediment dynamic, centralized management, from the source to control the vehicle behavior along the muck spilled; every 4 hours, 8 times a day cleaning the dust sprinkler operation to increase the key sections, Nanshan Road, huzhulu special road at night watering frequency; the timing of the Nanshan Road, South Road, Dongguan Street and other key special sections of continuous cleaning, supervision;
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Xining black car operations renovation victory

figure for the first stage of the joint law enforcement focus on remediation of vehicles seized. In our city since April 8th to carry out the fight against the black car and other illegal business activities engaged in passenger special action since, as of April 23rd the first phase of a total focus on remediation, seized 145 illegal operation of vehicles. It is understood that the joint law enforcement focus on remediation in the first stage, careful deployment of special rectification work leading group, set up 9 joint law enforcement team to focus on remediation, fixed-point inspection and inspection, regular inspection and flow timing check, cross check and check, check out the linkage method combined with dark check, strike the illegal operation of vehicles. In the inspection process, part of the occupants of inspectors is not cooperate, the reporter repeatedly witnessed, illegal operation of vehicles in high speed forced checkpoints to evade inspection, checked the occupants abusive tear law enforcement team, and even some owners take advantage of the law enforcement team will be detained vehicle tires deflated do not pay attention to, the joint law enforcement team work inconvenience and dangerous. Even so, the joint law enforcement team inspectors with perseverance, adhere to their posts, a strong blow to the city’s black car operations. According to reports, the current first phase concentrated rectification end, seized all the illegal operation of vehicles 145 units, including 12 vehicles seized while taxis operating vehicles, 3 sets of stagnation deck vehicles, at present, the road has been difficult to see the black car is still in operation. Next, the joint law enforcement team will take the time not fixed point inspections, continue to crackdown black car, escort for the people’s travel safety. (author: Liu Jie)  
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The children are proud to make a contribution to the city

"Uncle, aunt, please take care of our environment." With these words, Wang Jiaru, a small guardian of civilization, handed over two packs of paper towels to a couple.

civilization guards Xi ran Luosong 71 Road Primary School is the fifth grade students, he told reporters that he is a member of the Chinese young reporter, very love participate in such activities, their task is presented though a little tissue, but also to create a civilized city and contribute to a proud.   read more

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Water reform in key areas of our province bear fruit

2016 in December 22nd, with the province’s water conservancy investment co.. Marks the province’s water conservancy investment and financing system reform has taken a substantial step, in 2016 the completion of the annual goal of water reform.

it is understood that last year the province is committed to deepening water law and water conservancy reform work, from the promulgation of the new revision of the "Qinghai province implementation of < > method; soil and water conservation; measures", the "Qinghai province implementation of the" water conservancy Regulations > "" Qinghai province water Conservation Management Office of law "drafting to water" 75 "year started, to carry out water, river sand, destruction of water engineering and water conservation facilities such as special inspection of law enforcement, law enforcement of water administration ability and level steadily improved. The province’s water conservancy construction and constantly improve the market credit system, to further improve the quality of the project, the production safety management system, administrative punishment and exposure to 10 enterprises of bad behavior, maintain the normal order of water. read more

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Qinghai teachers education base was established

In June 13th, listed on the Qinghai National University Teacher Education and practice research base was established in the East District Bureau of education, the base consists of East District Education Bureau and the Qinghai National University jointly established, is the development of education of colleges and universities to seek a bold attempt to place based intelligence support, theoretical guidance, has important significance for accelerating the development of basic education reform, and cultivate more excellent teachers of primary school and university students in the teaching practice of rapid growth.

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The second China Qinghai international traditional archery elite ended successfully

after three days of intense competition, the Chinese · of the second; Qinghai international traditional archery elite in September 6th ended successfully. The wonderful performance of the team, to the audience left a good impression and precious memories.

in the three day of the game, from the 23 countries and regions of the 121 teams of the team launched a total of 4 kinds of bow, the fight against the project of the 5 950". Finally, Inner Mongolia Habutu team showed a strong advantage in the modern traditional arch project, winning only a personal project and mixed team championship; Ledu team successfully defended the bow for the women’s team championship. The more intense competition, the men’s team, the anti bow bow bow man group and the men’s team of composite bow champion team from the peace zone, Jianzha County team and the Republican team of two teams in the bag. Other provinces and cities and foreign teams also have a lot of entry into the current eight. read more

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Xining city tax service industry entertainment industry were found more than 60 of tax fee

in the special inspection services, standardize the just concluded in the entertainment industry, the Inspection Bureau of Local Taxation Bureau of Xining city were screened on 5 hotel service industry, entertainment industry, catering industry tax, total check tax fee of 664 thousand and 300 yuan, 5 households taxpayer check tax fee of more than 60 yuan in the provincial capital is rare.

according to the Xining Local Taxation Bureau law enforcement officers, the screening of a total of 99 units of the retrieved books, accounting documents and checked the accounting information of the unit of the 331 units. Among them, in a hotel to seize a (50) is the use of the "Qinghai city of Xining Province, the hotel industry and the invoice" (25) "the hotel industry of Qinghai city of Xining province invoice stub. After identification, the above invoices are illegally manufactured false invoices. At the same time, law enforcement officers also verified that the hotel less tax revenue of about 960 thousand yuan, accounting for more than $5. In addition, law enforcement officers also verified a catering enterprises to 1 million 220 thousand yuan of taxable income to the top of the decoration of the project without tax returns. read more

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The 2016 national judicial examination Qinghai area test

9 the morning of 24 August, the national judicial examination for a period of two days (Qinghai area) at the Qinghai University started. Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee Wang Xiaoyong, the provincial people’s Procuratorate to the test Xunkao Bai yin.

it is understood that, compared with previous years, this year the national judicial examination enrollment continued to show growth, the province has a total of 2743 people, compared with last year, an increase of up to 31.24%, ranking the country’s second, a record high. Among them, the proportion of political and legal system enrollment continued to grow, up to 1030 people, accounting for the number of applicants for the number of 38%. The number of different places to continue to grow, offsite enrollment 913 people, accounting for the total number of enrollment of 33.30%. Education level continues to improve, bachelor degree or above accounted for 93.60% of the total enrollment. Applicants younger trend, the average age of 28 years old. read more

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Xining March of a national forest city

"Let the forest into the city, let the city embrace the forest". 3 years ago, in the streets of Xining, this slogan can be seen everywhere, today seems to have become a reality.

3 years, Xining City, around the ecological environment, forestry industry, ecological culture system and three forest resources ability construction, carried out a series of mountains, water treatment, city ecological greening projects, the total amount of city green space increased, the forest coverage rate of rapid growth. In 2015, in "National Forest City" evaluation indicators, 40 indicators have reached or exceeded the national standard, the urban forest coverage rate of 32%, built-up area green coverage rate of 40%, per capita green area of 12 square meters. The initial formation of the "city in the forest floor in the tree, in the green, forest and water dependent, Lin Lu embedded" city environment and ecological pattern, provides support and guarantee for the green ecological city’s scientific development, leapfrog development.

unremitting sowing green, more than twenty stick

once, Xining city green healthy thin.

Xining as a city of the western plateau, alpine arid climate, poor natural conditions, suitable plants, slow growth, ecological governance is difficult. "The mountains of Xining, no grass, this is outside of Xining described many years ago.

years of continuous afforestation, two North and South Mountain greening a total area of 230 thousand acres, planting high 20 million seedlings, the initial formation of the native conifer, montane forest, coniferous shrub combination, constitute a large-scale city landscape and green barrier, create the forest city, to build a solid foundation for livable city lay in Xining. 26 years, the north and south of the forest coverage rate increased from 7.2% to 75%, becoming a model of urban ecological construction in our province, and won the China Habitat environment award".

two north-south mountain greening projects, and fully demonstrates the leadership at all levels of vision. Xining City, served as the provincial leadership attaches great importance to serving as commander, in-depth field arrangements for inspection guidance, encouraged the cadres and masses of confidence and determination, afforestation work always maintain high-level promotion situation.

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The spirit of the province’s health and health conference in the medical front caused strong repercu

"accelerate the construction of healthy Qinghai, improve people’s health level, and strive to create a new situation of health and health development in our province!" Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng in the province’s health and health conference speech exciting, inspiring, in the province’s health front caused strong repercussions. Everyone said, held a provincial health and health conference, let us to further strengthen the construction of Qinghai health confidence and determination, to study and implement the General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai put forward the "four major solid" requirements and the health and the spirit of the general assembly to combine innovation concept, deepen the reform of cohesion force. The reform to a new level, to complete the construction of a well-off society, rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai, a beautiful dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China Qinghai lay solid foundation with health chapter in our own strength. read more

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Our province to carry out happy campus line activities

11 4, to commemorate the Red Army Long March victory and the first anniversary of the Qinghai youth cultural and Art Festival series of activities – the first "happy campus" activities held in Xining North Street Primary school.

the same day, Qinghai youth activities center and Xining North Street Elementary School signed a palace school alliance cooperation agreement to become partners. According to the alliance, the Qinghai Youth Activity Center will be compulsory for allied member schools to provide targeted teaching and training services, to help schools to participate in various extracurricular education, performances, competitions and other related services to help schools; the integration of internal resources, build brand characteristics of school education. Qinghai youth activities center all public welfare activities to enter the union school. read more

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North District Construction Bureau three no three to create activities effectively

one is held to carry out the three no three to create activities mobilization. Convey the district to carry out the three three no "to create the work requirements, the establishment of clear transparency management, no illegal jobs; high CO allocation, barrier free service; efficient service, free people are not satisfied with the Department to create a standard, two of my bureau to carry out activities to create the implementation plan. Deep understanding of the requirements and the creation of the essence, improve the cadres and workers to create awareness of the activities, the formation of a good idea to create a good pattern. The three is a combination of Excel, identify, find, find work in deep penetration problems, focus on work is not careful, service depth, learning problems is not deep, profound analysis of the reasons, clear rectification goals, formulate rectification measures. To put an end to the "door hard, people find, ugly face, so ugly, difficult to deal with such behavior. Civilized and courteous, warm and thoughtful. Four is closely linked to the overall situation, the focus of the work for the masses to do practical things, the urban environment has improved greatly, so that the three high no create work to ensure that the implementation of the deepening. read more

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Bangkok City explosion caused 1 dead Chinese citizens lost contact with 6

Some terrorist explosion

society generally can cause great harm, 17 in the evening Thailand Bangkok terrorist bombings has killed 22 people, which has identified 4 China tourists.

Chinese according to the Embassy in Thailand, as of now, the explosion has caused 22 deaths, 123 people were injured. The Chinese tourists who were killed were identified as 4 people, the 2 from the mainland, the Hongkong residents of the 2.

Foreign media reported Xinhua quoted

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City Board of education four measures to promote the ideological and moral construction of minors

in recent years, Xining City Bureau of education to the ideological and moral construction of minors as the primary task of quality education, focusing on "the ideological and moral construction of minors work evaluation system" of the relevant requirements, and actively explore and practice, promote the rapid development of minors ideological and moral construction in the "four measures".

innovation mechanism to improve the effectiveness of Ideological and moral construction of minors. strengthen the leadership mechanism, the formation of the main leaders of the school personally arrested, in charge of the leadership of the specific grasp, party, government, work, the group together, class teacher, class teacher education pattern of everyone. To establish and perfect the moral system, attaches great importance to moral cultivation, strengthen teachers’ moral cultivation, lay the foundation for the construction of a meet the needs of quality education, teachers of the minor ideological and moral construction workers. In specific work, pay attention to grasp the characteristics of Ideological and moral construction of minors work, pay attention to the work of democracy, personality and emotional, and strive to achieve the education and practice education, the cultural education philosophy of education, methods to optimize the ideological and moral construction of minors work. read more

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New year to go Grassroots in order to reunite them to hold their posts

In the reunion of the days, there are so many people, they stick to their posts, with their own home to return to more people.

Spring Festival, the reporter went to the front line, approached them, to understand their work and life, listen to them talk about the work of a small story.

stick to the post is our responsibility

February 8th, only one day away from New Year’s eve. Repair large library Qinghai Tibet Railway Company of the Xining depot, the reporter saw a stunt master, she was before the hand accessories testing machine to check the method of small cracks. Wang Juanjiao finished spraying liquid magnetic parts. She was taught to the apprentice "unique secrets", she said: "you see, some wheel crack is only a bit of hair, but because of the small crack, it could cut off the whole axle, causing the train overturned, no matter what time should eye to hand, and heart to crack, otherwise may slip away!" Her name is Lei Daojing, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company in the testing equipment in front of the longest, most female railway staff wheelset inspection. Master ray said this type of work she did. Little is known, but plays a key role for the safety of trains, so a little sloppy. read more